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GBH International

Dr. Marcelo Hirschler

Fire Litigation Support

Fire Testing Instruments & Equipment

Codes & Standards Development

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Fire Research

Background of GBH International

About Marcelo Hirschler

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GBH International provides fire litigation support, codes & standards assistance, contract fire testing & research, as well as a source of fire testing instruments and equipment.  Dr. Hirschler, an expert at applying science to a fire problem, has extensive experience in fire testing, and in codes & standards.  He can analyze the effects of materials (especially plastics) and products (particularly furniture, mattresses, interior finish, insulation, and wires & cables) on the fire hazard in building and vehicular environments and recommend fire safe alternatives.  Compliance with codes and standards is both a goal and a tool to support both fire litigation and fire research.  Dr. Hirschler is also able to report his results in ways that are both understandable and scientifically sound.  The fire testing instruments provided include those needed to meet most material fire test requirements in North America, Europe and the aircraft industry.


Services Provided

  • Fire Testing (Especially Heat Release and Smoke Corrosivity)

  • Fire Litigation Support

  • Codes & Standards Development

  • Fire Testing Instruments and Equipment

  • Management of Fire Research

  • Stewardship of Standards Development, With Emphasis on Fire Issues

  • Monitoring of Code Activity, When Related to Fire

  • Sale of Fire Testing Instruments and Equipment

Fire Testing Instruments & Equipment

GBH International sells fire testing equipment associated with many of the fire tests required for meeting codes, specifications and regulations in North America, Europe and the aircraft and cable industries.  A full set of spares and servicing (both on-site and via telephone or e-mail consultation) is being offered for fire testing equipment manufactured by Fire Testing Technology and Stanton Redcroft.  Upgrades and spares are being offered for many other fire testing equipment.

 Examples of fire testing equipment being offered:

  • Cone calorimeter (generic, dual cone calorimeter, cone applied to low combustibility)

  • Smoke Chamber (both NBS and IMO/ISO smoke chamber versions)

  • Flooring radiant panel (as well as FAA insulation radiant panel)

  • Large scale heat release test for mattresses or for electrical components

  • UL 94 plastics and electrical parts tester)

  • Oxygen Index (ASTM D 2863)

  • Mass loss cone (or mass loss calorimeter) screening and quality control test

  • Radiant panel (ASTM E 162 and ASTM D 3675

  • SBI (Single burning item European test)

  • European small scale ignitability test

  • Toxicity and corrosivity (acid gas) tests

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Codes & Standards Development

Examples of work conducted include code changes to and standards development at:

  • International Code Council codes (IBC, IFC, IRC, IMC)

  • NFPA Building Code (NFPA 5000)

  • NFPA Life Safety Code (NFPA 101)

  • National Electrical Code (NEC, NFPA 70)

  • Uniform Fire Code (NFPA 1/UFC)

  • Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC @ IAPMO)

  • NFPA Standard on Air Conditioning (NFPA 90A)

  • NFPA Standard on Fixed Guideway Transit (NFPA 130)

  • ASTM Fire Test Standards and Practices (ASTM E05 Committee)

  • ASTM Electrical Standards (ASTM D09 Committee)

  • ASTM Specialized Fire Standards (Plastics, Ships, Detention Facilities, etc.)


Fire Safety & Technology Bulletin

A comprehensive monthly international electronic newsletter

A key source of news on:


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